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Our Story

As we look back over these more than 2 decades since the founding of Serenity Cleaning Services, at all the blessings and challenges there have been at how each path unfolded at just the right time, we are reminded that each of these things has occurred to prepare us for the next adventure. And what an adventure it has been, esp. these last 2 years! 

They have been hard and, at times, gut-wrenching and heartbreaking, but they have also allowed us, in some cases forced us, to reevaluate */every aspect of our business.

Through all the reexamination that has taken place, one thing has remained constant and clear …our success has been and will continue to be because of great people, great people like you, who not only add to, but define who we are here at Serenity Cleaning.  And what would definitions be without words?!

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Our Core Values

So, let’s talk about some words and phrases, that not only describe us, but define who we are…those being our Core Values:



Be the Difference

Team Oriented Atmosphere


These words not only encompass the character traits we aspire to have (love, grace, honesty, kindness, faith, peace, humility, thoughtfulness and integrity) but require them! They are the essence of who we are, what attracts others to come to work for Serenity and why our customers want to continue doing business with us; they are our heart…our very core!  They are why we cannot be anything but…

Diligent: From the Latin root, “diligere” which is to value, to take delight in.  When we value and delight in something or someone, we are caring, gentle and conscientious, IE with how we handle items that belong to them, things that are their treasures if you will; we are constant and committed in our tasks, persevering to completion. We strive for excellence, determining to provide the WOW factor in all we do or say; we settle for nothing less than giving the best of ourselves to others as well as expecting the best from others.  (IE, staying late to finish a job; insisting on walking through with a client to ensure their satisfaction and then correcting any concerns they may have) To do this means we must embrace having…

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Candor:  Being open and honest yet kind and supportive; free of malice, bias, prejudice and dishonesty. When we are motivated by a desire to foster a relationship with and growth in those around us, we will communicate with a proper balance of confidence and humility, not in a manner of demeaning or belittling another.  This will require a tremendous amount of inner strength as we will at the same time, know we’re right but will be making the choice to not throw it in another’s face. We will need to be confident without being arrogant, to be self-effacing while still projecting strength and confidence. (IE…tough annual reviews) Because we earnestly seek to help others grow, that shows that we want to…


Be the difference: We are committed to sharing our resources, albeit finances, time and/or talents. We understand that to whom much is given, much is required. We choose to be brilliant, not in the academic, intellectual, the “ I am smarter than you” way, but…like the sunshine, radiating warmth and light, brightening another’s day with a smile or a kind word; like a diamond that has been hard-pressed and cut, yet bringing a sparkle to another’s life or home!!  (IE CFAR, Food/clothing drives) Striving to be the difference in the lives of others can’t help but promote a….

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Team Oriented Atmosphere: Just as all living things require there to be certain properties in their “atmospheres”, ie oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. a team oriented atmosphere must have the following properties: 

~Service Focused: Knowing and believing that we only get what we want WHEN we help others get what they want; that our success is the reward of how well we treat and serve others.  We ask, “how can we best serve our clients and fellow employees?” We respond with a “yes, we can do it, we will work hard to make it work for you!”

~Teamwork:  We always strive for the greater good of the company and not for our own self interests. We know that when a decision is made that’s not in line with the suggestion we made, it’s not personal and does not devalue us as a team member. Our strength is in being a team, working together, being united. A team of good players all working together can accomplish great things whereas a group of great individuals, seeking their own glory will very rarely accomplish much good.  So, let’s not ask what our team can do for us but what we can do for our team!! (IE management doing their jobs in a manner to make sure field staff day is organized and they have all their supplies, even if it means bringing those supplies to them; field staff doing their paperwork, etc. in a manner that ensures the success of management staff in doing their work)

~Positive/Can-do Attitude: We keep an optimistic outlook, especially in difficult situations. We eagerly tackle tasks even when they are outside of the scope of our knowledge, experience and comfort zone because we have the conviction that we will overcome. That conviction to overcome is being…



Resilient: The ability to absorb stress without breaking, recover critical functionality and thrive.  We are flexible, being true to who we are but adapting, emerging stronger than before.  We may at times fail, but we are not failures…we will learn, we will move forward…we are determined, which yes brings us back to the beginning, being diligent!

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As we write this and as we hope you will come to understand in hearing it, words, like people and circumstances, have power; they evoke emotion and action and for better or worse, they help mold us, fire us and come to define us.

However, some words are also traits, virtues, that we innately have intwined inside us…some already discovered, some hiding away, just waiting for the right adventure or situation to bring them forward!


None of us are perfect in all situations, however, because we understand that “perfection” is unattainable, our goal is always, to strive for excellence, not perfection, showing grace to ourselves in others. After all, we will never be 100%, 100% of the time, but we can always give 100% of whatever we have in the moment!!


So, in moving forward together, we must understand that these 5 Core Values are who we are, what make us tick and what determine not only our culture, but our level of service to others. Because, after all, a thriving engaging culture cannot help but overflow joy to those with whom we come in contact! 


These Core Values lay the groundwork for everything we have been and hope to become in the future. We must not only understand them and buy into them, but we must also live them out…and how can we not…As they are who we are

Our Team



Meet Breezzy, the COO of Serenity Cleaning! With a passion for excellence and customer satisfaction, Breezzy upholds Serenity Cleaning’s vision of providing top-tier cleaning services with a personal touch. Under her leadership, Serenity Cleaning continues to be known for its exceptional quality and unwavering commitment to client needs. Breezzy ensures that every client receives personalized attention and a superior cleaning experience. Breezzy’s strategic mindset and innovative approach have driven the company's growth and success. She is dedicated to continuous improvement and always seeks new ways to enhance the services offered by Serenity Cleaning. Her leadership has been instrumental in building a strong, cohesive team that shares her commitment to excellence. Outside of work, Breezzy enjoys spending time with her family, exploring new places, and giving back to the community. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to service excellence further define Serenity Cleaning's mission and values. We're proud to have Breezzy leading our team, ensuring that Serenity Cleaning remains a trusted name in the industry and a company that clients can always rely on.

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Brooklynn has been a valued member of our Serenity family since 2015. She excels in sales, company culture, and day-to-day operations, consistently demonstrating her dedication and expertise. Brooklynn loves helping others, spending time with her family—especially her grandkids—and enjoys camping and fishing. Brooklynn also finds joy in mentoring our team, sharing her expertise and fostering a supportive environment. Her dedication and warmth enrich our workplace every day, giving our clients peace of mind with every interaction. She is known for her ability to connect with clients and colleagues alike, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Brooklynn's unwavering commitment to excellence and her passion for building strong relationships make her an indispensable and beloved member of the Serenity team. Brooklynn's ability to inspire and motivate her team, combined with her focus on delivering outstanding results, makes her an invaluable leader. Her contributions not only enhance our company culture but also ensure that our clients receive the best possible care and attention.



Roxanne has been a vital part of Serenity since 2022, excelling as our trainer, scheduler, and doer of all things. Her exceptional organizational skills and trustworthiness ensure every task is completed with precision and care. Her meticulous approach and ability to manage multiple responsibilities effortlessly make her a cornerstone of our operations. Roxanne's dedication to her clients and top-notch service make her a favorite, frequently requested by those she serves. She goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction, always willing to take extra steps to meet their needs. Outside of work, Roxanne enjoys spending time with her two cats, her boyfriend, and many friends who adore her. She loves hiking and exploring the great outdoors, finding peace and inspiration in nature. She is always ready to lend a helping hand or offer a kind word, making her presence truly uplifting. Roxanne's contributions not only enhance our company's efficiency but also create a welcoming and supportive environment for both clients and colleagues. Her passion for excellence and her heartwarming demeanor ensure that Serenity remains a place where everyone feels valued and cared for.

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